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Hello and welcome to this site. My name is Mike Boudreaux, (Pronounced Boodrow), I am retired and have a little extra time on my hands, so I search the world wide web and other sources for Christian "one liners", which I then publish on this web page. I call these one liners a Daily Dilly and send one out on a daily basis to a list of subscribers. If you would like to receive a Daily Dilly just send me your name and email address to: [email protected] and I will gladly add you to the list of recipients. Your privacy is respected and the list of recipients is not sold, given or loaned to any other site.


I was brought into this world in May of 1944, graduated from high school in 1962 and married in 1964. I held a variety of jobs until becoming a deputy sheriff in 1969, then after 30 years of service, I retired in 1999. My wife, my one and only, recently retired as an instructor from the local junior college and now she dabbles in real estate.  

I have two sons who followed in my foot steps and are in law enforcement. Both are happily married and between them I have five grand children, four boys and a girl.

I am a Christian, I was raised a Methodist, however, my wife was raised Pentecostal and she persuaded me to see things in a different light. I do not push my religion or doctrines, I just push Jesus, your way of worshipping Him is entirely your decision. This site is just one of the ways I am endeavoring to spread His word. I do a little writing, mostly short stories; some of my stories can be found at this site listed under "Monthly Story" or under the sub category, "Previous Stories." I love traveling and prefer to travel by automobile and would like to eventually see all fifty of these United States.

A Daily Dilly is an inspirational "One Liner" which is hoped to stimulate the reader into contemplating the things of God, to spread His word, and to encourage and give inspiration to the reader. The Daily Dilly is solely for your enjoyment and a response is not necessary, however, if one just knocks your socks off, feel free to respond and make any comment you desire. As you will discover not all will be dillies nor will they be daily, but I will try. From time to time I will be away from home and the Dillies will not be sent out, however, I will resume them on my return. In addition, on occasion, I will come across something that I feel should be shared among Christians, these are generally longer than a one liner and are not sent on a regular basis, but rather sporadically as the Spirit leads. Some of my postings you might find to be controversial, I do not expect you to agree with all of them and hope that none will be offensive to you. Please receive them in the spirit in which they are sent and enjoy. The Dillies are begged, borrowed and created, if any are a direct quote and the author is known, the author will be acknowledged. I encourage you to pass the dillies along to others, they are meant to be shared, or you can forward the name and email address of a prospective recipient to [email protected]  and I will add them to the Daily Dilly mailing list. If at any time you would rather not receive the Daily Dilly, just let me know and I will remove you from the Daily Dilly mailing list. May God's blessings over take you and surpass all of your expectations.

A branch on the Vine, Mike

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