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Hello, my name is Mike Boudreaux, [pronounced boodrow], I am 76 years old, father to two sons, grandfather to four boys and one girl and husband to Portia for the past 56 years.


I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from the Tulare County Sheriff's Office and reside in Porterville, California. I spent 30 years in law enforcement, four as a patrol deputy, 15 years as a mountain resident deputy and 11 years as a detective.


I retired in 1999 and went to work as a baby sitter, grounds keeper, painter, carpenter, mechanic, chauffeur and all around handyman. I often consider going back to work so I can get some rest.


I am a Christian and try to serve God to the best of my ability. This web page is one way that I have chosen to spread the Word of God. 


I fancy myself as an author of short stories and have some of my works posted here. See the "Previous Stories" page, it is a sub page under the "Monthly Story" page, just move your cursor slightly below the "Monthly Story" page title then move your cursor to the "Previous Stories" title and click.